Domain Hosting Made Easy

Reseller hosting is the optimum hosting solution for most web designers, particularly freelancers and those working in small businesses that can’t afford the expense of, or don’t want the hassle of, running their own server.

If you have multiple domains and multiple sites to find hosting for, this is the hosting solution for you.
• Create a web hosting account whenever you want.
• Host multiple domains, in fact, host unlimited domains!
• Choose the featureset for each hosting account.
• Sell a complete package to your client – hosting included.
• Save money – a single reseller account can provide hosting for hundreds of independent websites.
• We’re always here to help, and we’re happy to. We respond to your e-mails. Quickly. Ask us a question and see.

The Long Story – Reseller hosting makes it easy.

You can create and host as many independent sites as you wish, from a single WHM interface. Each site will have its own independent cPanel control panel.
You can allocate whatever disk space and bandwidth your clients’ sites require as and when they need it. You can define your own hosting packages, with exactly the featureset you need.

More Convenient
• Set up as many websites as you need, when you need them.
• Allocate whatever featureset you require – need PHP and 10 MySQL databases? Add them!
• Administer all your clients’ hosting accounts from one WHM control panel.
• If a site needs more disk space or bandwidth, add it.
• You don’t have to do it all yourself – we’ll handle any support issues, or any WHM functions you’re not 100% sure of.

You’re In Control
• Suspend the sites of non-paying clients without deletion, re-enable hosting when they pay up.
• Sites are self-contained and completely independent with their own cPanel control panels.
• Create sites purely for testing purposes, try out new designs.
• Manage the transition from site testing to going live.

• Hosting for all your clients’ sites under a single disk space and bandwidth allocation at a bulk pricing rate.
• Stop wasting time finding multiple, suitable, third party hosting packages for every client.
• Make use of spare disk space and bandwidth that clients aren’t using for their hosting to host other domains.
• Sell hosting as part of your design package and include a margin.
• Run your own hosting business – sell hosting accounts to whomever you wish, without design work.

It’s Very Easy
• Point and click, graphical, web-based administration via WHM.
• If you’re not sure of anything, we’ll do it for you.
• Check out our Case Study to see how easy it really is.

Have Fun
• Use any surplus hosting space for your own projects.
• Create your own ‘sandbox’ hosting accounts and domains for experimentation.
• Provide hosting for friends’ sites and domains.

• Create multiple sites temporarily for special occasions and delete them when you’re done.

Features you can choose to allocate to clients’ sites:
• cPanel Control Panel
• Full CGI Access
• PHP 4, PHP 5 Support
• Multiple (unlimited) MySQL Databases
• IMAP e-mail
• POP3 e-mail
• WebMail
• Multiple (unlimited) POP3 accounts
• Fantastico De Luxe Software Installer
• Multiple Mailman Mailing Lists
• Password Protected Directories
• SSL Secure Server Hosting
• FrontPage Support
• Web Site Statistics
• SSH Secure Shell Access
• SMTP outgoing e-mail
• Perl 5.x /SSI
• PHPMyAdmin
• .htaccess Abilities
• Access to Raw  Logs
• File Manager
• Shopping Cart
• Multiple, unlimited, Sub-Domains
• Cron Jobs
• Custom Error Pages
• Autoresponders
• Pre-configured CGI
• Spam Assassin Spam Filter
• Multiple (unlimited) Addon Domains